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ربيع باباجي

القطعة رقم. 34 ، خلف A-17 ، المنطقة الصناعية ، بارتابور ، طريق دلهي ، ميروت ، أوتار براديش - 250103 ، الهند - "طريق مدته ساعة واحدة من عاصمة الهند"

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Wire Form Springs

Wire form take many shapes, from simple beams, or cantilever designs, to complex configurations. They retain components in postion and allow for limited deflection they are usually made from round or flat wire.

A major fastener manufacturer, produces a multitude of flat and round wire clips, clamps, and brackets.

These four slide metal spring clips and metal spring clamps are made to your specifications for securing and fastening tubes, wires, or hoses in your manufacturing process. They are also used as "R" clips, spring clips, fuel line clamps, cable control clamps and strapping restrainers.

Babajee Springs, long known for it's leadership in the bending of wire and strip material, continues to invest in computerized coiling and metal forming technologies that enable us to produce complicated clips, clamps, and hose clamps in one operation. These are used in the automotive, appliance, agricultural, marine and lawn equipment industries.

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