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ربيع باباجي

القطعة رقم. 34 ، خلف A-17 ، المنطقة الصناعية ، بارتابور ، طريق دلهي ، ميروت ، أوتار براديش - 250103 ، الهند - "طريق مدته ساعة واحدة من عاصمة الهند"

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                                                            Torsion Springs
                                                            Wire Range 1 mm to 6 mm

Torsion springs play a pivotal role in a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from automotive pedal mechanisms and carburetors to windows and roller doors in the building and furniture industries. These springs are meticulously crafted from round wire with diameters ranging from 1 mm to 6 mm and are also available in square and profile materials. For specialized applications, we produce custom springs for throttle body adjustment in engines, utilizing multi-wire and stranded wire with precision-welded ends.

At Babajee Springs, we excel in tailoring torsion springs to meet specific needs. Our expertise lies in customizing springs with legs of equal length, oriented at varying unloaded angles. For inquiries or further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us through our online portal or by phone. With a legacy of manufacturing excellence since 1985, we are dedicated to delivering quality and precision in every spring we produce.


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