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Grundstück Nr. 34, Behind A-17, Industrial Estate, Partapur, Delhi Road, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh – 250103, Indien – „1 Stunde Autofahrt von der Hauptstadt Indiens“

+91-121-2975560 /       +91-121-2440788


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Compression Springs

Wire Range: 1 mm to 30 mm

Our precision engineering capabilities encompass a wire diameter range from 1.00 mm to 30 mm, covering both cold and hot drawing processes. These versatile springs undergo meticulous operations, including grinding, blocking, shot peening, and surface coatings to meet your exact specifications.

Static and Dynamic Coil Springs

Our coil springs are expertly crafted from cold-drawn and hot-drawn carbon steel and oil-hardened and tempered steel wire, ensuring exceptional resistance to compressive loads.


  • Suspension Springs:

    • Front Fork

    • Shock Absorber

  • Engine Valve Springs

  • Clutch Springs

  • Rebound Springs

Excellence in Valve Springs

Valve springs play a critical role, and at Babajee Springs, we prioritize collaboration with our customers to establish precise spring requirements. Leveraging cutting-edge design methods, dynamic pre-calculation, and advanced measurement and testing technology, we ensure that every component aligns with your exact specifications, resulting in optimal performance and reliability.

Enhanced Durability

Our commitment to excellence extends to surface improvement techniques that can significantly extend service intervals. Through the utilization of premium materials and innovative manufacturing processes, we consistently deliver the highest quality standards, offering maximum reliability for your applications.

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