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Plot no. 34, Behind A-17, Industrial Estate, Partapur, Delhi Road, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh - 250103, India -"1 hour road run from the Capital ( New Delhi ) of India"

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Tailored Agricultural Springs for Modern Farming:

With a wire range from 1mm to 12mm, Babajee Spring is at the forefront of agricultural spring manufacturing. As the agricultural landscape undergoes rapid technological advancements, the demand for specialized springs has never been greater.

Engineering Excellence:
Our team of proficient engineers is dedicated to understanding your unique requirements. We stay updated on evolving technologies and market trends, ensuring that we deliver springs tailored to the demands of modern agriculture.

Versatile Applications:
We produce a wide range of springs designed for various agricultural applications, including tractors, tilling equipment, and fences. Whether you require springs of a specific diameter or material, we tailor solutions to match your spring's operating environment. We also offer expertise in spring redesign to enhance performance.

Comprehensive Support:
Contact us today for further information or assistance. As experts in agricultural equipment springs, we specialize in springs of all sizes, valves, and wire forms for use in agricultural equipment, off-road machinery, farm machinery, components, and parts. When every minute of productivity counts, trust us to provide reliable, customized solutions to meet your farming industry needs.


High Tensile Strength Tines for Agricultural Machinery:

Our precision-engineered tines, integral components for agricultural machinery, are crafted from high tensile strength spring wire. These tines are meticulously manufactured in adherence to industry standards. Following rigorous heat treatment, we package them in convenient bundles of 40 pieces for ease of handling and use.

High-Quality Torsion Spring Tines for Agricultural Machinery:

At our manufacturing facility, we specialize in crafting single and double torsion spring tines for agricultural machinery. These tines are meticulously crafted using high tensile strength spring wire and produced in strict accordance with industry standards.

Exceptional Material Quality: We exclusively utilize prime quality materials with proven tensile strength, ensuring the utmost durability and performance. The hallmark of our torsion spring tines lies in their exceptional fatigue resistance and flexibility, designed to withstand the rigors of the entire work cycle.

Customized Finishing Options: Upon request, we offer additional finishing options to meet your specific needs. These options include epoxy powder coating or black cataphoresis treatment after shot peening, ensuring enhanced durability and protection when necessary.

Our commitment to quality and customization ensures that our torsion spring tines are engineered to excel in demanding agricultural applications.

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